Yes! We can do all this for you

Managicians works with you at a strategical level with an ongoing and flexible approach.

The skills, processes and instruments necessary to create a successful organisation are widespread and numerous. Managicians proposes a list of non-exhaustive areas of intervention which could be a market game changer for you.

Tendering Services for you

Here is a list of services that our team can perform for you:

  • Market analysis services, including:
    • Identifying your public procurement market
    • Identifying your competitors
    • Evaluating the potential business volume
    • Plus other indicators such recurrence, type of procurement procedure, etc.
  • Company market vision and strategy definition: this means identifying and co-creating/adapting with your team, the vision of your organisation in relation to public procurement, and then assessing and defining the strategic path that will enable you to achieve it. This can be tailored for:
    • Newcomers to public procurement who would like to know where and how to start
    • Middle rankers who want to verify the main points of recent failures and might need to re-assess their strategy in light of a changing market context
    • Leaders in public procurement who are facing a particular problem and would like to  co-create an innovative solution for and with the team, would like to provide assistance a business partner but without having the resources to do this
  • Method and discipline related activities, including:
    • Tender value-chain definition (all processes from pre-sales aspects to post-tender activities)
    • Partner selection, negotiation and management
    • Understanding tender requirements, including technical writing skills and various evaluation approaches by the customer
    • Continuous Improvement of the individual tender value-chain process
  • Team optimisation activities including:
    • Recruitment
    • Team organisation
    • Defining the path of development
    • Terms of references/roles in the tender value-chain
    • Evaluation procedures
  • Setting up of appropriate instruments, including:
    • Knowledge management
    • Dedicated tender process tools
    • Continuous improvement procedures
What form per Iteration?

Also we have already mentioned that the strategy and subsequent iterations are uniquely shaped upon your market situation, your company strategy and your team requirements.

These forms could be:

  • Reporting: Business/market analytics, situation analysis, different kinds of reporting
  • Workshop: different types of workshops can be organised for innovation co-creation, problem identification/solution, organisation design, requirements analysis, etc.
  • Training: knowledge transfer on various topics
  • Coaching, mentoring: by providing support in achieving a specific goal through dedicated advice and guidance
  • Material: discovery and provision of material necessary for an iteration topic

And don't hesitate to contact us if you have other ideas for ways we could help you.