Your benefits by working with us

Managicians approach is UNIQUE on the market. You will not read this elsewhere!

Managicians tendering services allows you to generate ongoing and substantial added value, and to reach your business goal in the public procurement market.

This is made possible through:

  • Strategic level mission: the target is to become a market leader, so we all need to work at a level which has the potential to raise the whole organisation to market leadership. The mission level cannot be something other than strategic;
  • Iterative practice sessions: short, focused and assimilated practice sessions with your team;
  • Adaptive approach: after each session we carry out an assessment of your situation, giving you the opportunity to indicate whether recent market changes, your strategy, team, processes or instruments call for some adaptations in order to reach the targeted business sustainability.

We hope you are convinced because these are the benefits that our approach brings to your company:

  • Company-oriented: the approach is unique because it is instantiated for your company situation ONLY! It cannot be copy/pasted and working elsewhere!
  • Result oriented strategy: as we work on core and strategical elements, we define at each iteration the success factors of the iteration.
  • Measurable at each step: the team is fully able to apply the competence acquired on the next day following the iteration, without the need to learn anything else.
  • Short-term action: each iteration topic is covered within two to three days.
  • Support availability: we can coordinate supporting contact with your team in order to evaluate how things are going, and if it seems useful we can go further into some matters.
  • Costs control: at the end of each iteration, you decide to continue and apply the next small stage(s) which will move you, your team and your organisation towards achieving the next of your objectives.