Start your path to market leadership

Small Moves, Smartly Made, Can Set Big Things in Motion”.

As already stressed, our approach is always specific at every stage. The goal is always to develop the appropriate instruments for your organisation's actual tendering activities. Each stage is specific to your company’s needs that are unique on the market.

Let’s start with a small step then! The Discovery!


The Discovery Phase

The main objective is to collect information at 360° on the current status of your organisation versus its objectives regarding public procurement. This is performed with the intent to establish a strategy for the company to win public procurement on a regular basis and progressively become a market leader.  The other objectives are:

  • understanding what is the current level of performance of your organisation in public procurement
  • understanding what is the level of awareness of the team in public procurement and what does it means for your team to perform at a level of excellence
  • identifying the weakness but also the strengths of the organisation, team and individuals
  • allowing the team to start thinking to new ways to create a tender
  • Initiating collaboration in a constructive spirit

The Strategy Phase

The main objective is to start with a bid team strategy kernel and through collective experiments adapt and adopt the strategy to make it YOUR bid team strategy.

Then the team will collaborate together in order to drill down the strategy and understand how the strategy is generating value for them, for the company and for the delivery of excellence in bidding.

The other objectives are:

  • understanding what is the bid creation value chain and how
  • understanding that excellence is necessary when willing to win public procurements
  • identifying how to adapt the weaknesses but also react to market opportunities using the strengths of the organisation, team and individuals
  • Initiating collaboration in a constructive spirit 

The next iteration

On all iterations, Managicians works through:

  • Focused practice: we choose one or two topics together, and work with the team or the part of it which is directly responsible for them. For various reasons, it is important for the ongoing success of the team that it takes part in the mission;
  • Dedicated instruments: we establish a specific approach to each topic to be covered. Different topics will call for different approaches. Sometimes we might use training, coaching, mentoring, co-creation workshops, etc. The goal is always to practise what needs to be acquired in your organisation's real business activities, using the appropriate instrument.
  • Short-term action: each iteration topic is covered within two to three days.
  • Immediate results: the knowledge needed to start working on the topic is acquired AND practised during the practice stage. The goal is that the team is fully capable applying the competence acquired on the next day, without the need to learn anything else.
  • Support availability: if you wish we can coordinate supporting contact with your team to evaluate how things are going, and if it seems useful we can further explore some topics.