Want to become a market leader?

Good old time of private or public monopolies are over…

States and international organisations now have antitrust legislation to prevent or fight against monopolies. Hence we no longer have monopolies - but we do have market leaders… And in each and every market!

How did these market leaders get there in terms of public procurement? What are they doing to remain on top of the wave?

Through our long-term expertise on European public procurement, we can offer you a few hints:

  • No off-the-shelf solutions: copy-paste solutions do not exist when it comes to implementing a business model. Past experience may be a starting-point, but as the underlying market and its own organisation keep changing/evolving, by sticking to old recipes one is soon overtaken and out of the market.
  • Have a clear and shared vision and an adaptable strategy:
    • First, the vision, simple and crystal clear. On the basis of your company’s identity and heritage, you project yourself, the team and the organisation into the future, and identify what you want the company to become and the targets to reach. Then you must share the vision with the team and the organisation, and have everyone endorse it.
    • Only then can we define a strategy for moving forward. This means defining the complete set of objectives to make the vision reality, and the basic qualities of the appropriate strategy (lean, inclusive, open). We need to know what to do and how to do it, and how much investment is necessary.
  • Processes: the team and the organisation understand, describe, communicate and master the value chain. They use these instruments daily to take solid and coherent business decisions and actions.
  • Organisation: the organisation is composed of carefully selected staff who clearly understand their individual link in the value-chain and cooperate to contribute to it. Collaborators share their knowledge to strengthen the organisation over time. In addition, management defines and communicates a path for organisation and personal development.

And all these elements must be encapsulated as a Continuously Improving System for people, processes and instruments.

You'll realise that there's nothing new about all this.  But then,

why are there so few market leaders, and why do they change over time?

Because this approach entails skills, focus and resources in order to work. 

As you'll know, setting all these elements in motion is definitely closer to an art than to mechanical engineering. It calls for skills, experience, a good dose of common sense, environmental sensors and an approach where in each cycle you refine your skills to the level of excellence. As you focus on your objectives, you, your team and your organisation must also develop qualities such as:

  • Innovation, to stay ahead of the competition, always on top of the wave;
  • Adaptation at all levels (processes, teams, instruments) to resolve issues that might arise before, during or even after the preparation for procurement;
  • Collaboration, in order to add as much value as possible.

One can only become and remain a market leader on this basis.

Now let's look at Managicians’s credo and how Managicians can help you become a market leader.