Today impermanence, interdependence and complexity are business factors leading often to fear, negativity and stupefaction regarding markets and individual situation. At the same moment, we see the emergence of a new generation of game changers bringing complete disruption to their native market because to mention a few:

  • They envisioned a different world,
  • They presented fresh and innovative ideas to their market,
  • They listened to market and customer frustrations and came up with valid solutions,
  • They Proposed a more positive and resilient working model instead of a "market-crunching" or “people-crunching” one?

The core practice of magic is the execution of a focused intent to create a disruptive change in the material world. Managicians has been created to bring disruption in the way management is defined and applied today.


Managicians is a network of people with absolutely unique market competences. We bring:

  • Ethics/values: Managicians’ people share the important ethical values and principles of solidarity, dedication and responsibility . We don't believe that all paths will take you to your objectives. Often a consultant's greatest strength is to be ignorant and ask a few questions.
  • Experience: we are a team of senior people, thoroughly expert in public/private tender management, recruitment strategies and performance, process management, team recruitment, development and management, business requirements analysis and business model development.
  • Success stories: we are proud of our long success story with both the public sector (European Institutions, Belgium federal and regional organisations) and the private sector. We would be delighted to discuss our references with you.
  • Disruptive, innovative, inclusive and collaborative ways of creating solutions for the future. Together!